Sunday, 28 October 2007



i moved to london, and after 6 weeks finally have an internet. joy! so, to make up for the lack of updates, here's a beast:

bolt action five - think fast (pixxxels remix)

this is a remix of a song by bolt action five called 'think fast'. i've never heard the original, but my ex-flatmate tells me it's dead good. the remix totally nicks the bassline from the dj funk remix of 'let there be light' by justice but balls to it. i done it on a train on my snazzy (not snazzy but it works, and has a battery, and goes really loud) new laptop, in 2:58', which is the euston-manchester on a weekend, fact fans!

next up, a home-made remix of tom vek. i'd never been totally convinced by young tom, but then my friend craig played the original of this at my old club nite and it sounded rad. he very kindly gave me one of his 7"s (having bought two copies, the fancy character), and i done this:

tom vek - music television (pixels remix)

and finally, seeing as how the libertines are bringing out a best of (?!), here's a little number i knocked up a few years back:

the libertines vs jazzy jeff - i get heroin

i was shopping in king bee and found 'king heroin' by jazzy jeff (not the fresh prince one) for 50p. winner, and it's got an acapella, and pete doherty's got a fondness for the ol' horse = A SATIRICAL BOOTLEG JUST LIKE MUM USED TO MAKE!!!

Monday, 27 August 2007


this weekend i stayed in and watched reading festival and most of it made me feel sick. to settle my stomach i did this re-edit of 50 cent which took about 2 hours, after which i felt better in the stomach but worse in the ears (have you heard some of the filthy lyrics, esp. from justin?)

50 cent - ayo technology (pixels edit)

oh, speaking of vomit, here's a spackup edit i did, which always goes down VERY well at clubs (esp. in the printworks, they really love it there):


whilst trawling through the archives i came up with these beauties too:

outkast - ms jackson (pixels remix)

smashback - jack 2 jack (jack 'jackmaster' jackson jackmix)

right-ho, i'm off to look for jobs - anyone want to employ a kindly, talented, hard-working, reliable, light-hearted and hunky sort (me), in london, for more than £12k? HOLLER ME!

x dan x

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

busy busy

it's been a super month, here's what juggled:

. benicassim (esp. devo, human league)
. holding babies
. hanging around barcelona
. playing lots o' s.y.s. shows (i played drums for one of em, eek)
. bedtime getting later and later (5am on a school nite for no reason, WOW)
. accidentally playing garage in the northern quarter
. getting a new mobile phone - IT'S GOT A COLOUR SCREEN AND PLAYS MP3S! (the tarrif is just right too)
. making loads of rad rad rad dancetrax, probably in response to the above points.

here's three for you:

beyonce - green light (pixels remix)

WOW! started on sunday morning after watching tmf, finished monday evening after watching the hits.

joy zipper - jr so good (pixels remix)

OH MY! started on wednesday after noticing the original's guitars are rather sidechained to the drums, finished on monday after eating my tea.

the horrors - gloves (pixels remix)

YEP. from last month, is it done? probably not. i hope they like it.

good night!

Wednesday, 4 July 2007


my flatmate mat played this out at urbis on the weekend, people enjoyed it so here it is just for you:

national forest - 7 nation jack [vocal]

national forest - 7 nation jack [dub]

legend has it that pedro winter [aka busy p] gave a copy to optimo a few years back, so it MUST be good!

heck, let's make it a trippple whammmy:

50 cent - in da club [remix]

i'm currently quite tired as i stayed up until 3am last night doing a garage version of 'gloves' by the horrors. it's sounding a bit ghettotech now, should be up soon with a little bit o' luck.