Friday, 22 June 2007

ach, nein!

i was gonna wait a bit before posting this, but heck:

pixels/forest - 9999

it's been hanging around for ages, and i finally finished it at the weekend. good? i think so, although it could probably do with a rap middle eight. but then what couldn't eh, what couldn't? if anyone knows john barnes, mc miker g or dead prez, get em to give me a call.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

dance + chillax

i was going to do a bunch of data entry this weekend so i could earn some money for my holidays, but i got a bit sidetracked:

pixels/forest - x X x X x.mp3

what a beauty! after all that dancing, here's a remix i did for bis about 5 years ago (you remeber, when "chillout" was tearing up the hit parade [although i always considered myself more of a "leftfield/downtempo electronica" artist, urgh]):

bis - the end starts today (national forest remix)

with that off my chest, i can now make my tea and spend the rest of the night getting repetitive strain injury from typing strings of numbers into a database.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

take yr mum under the duvet

i did a remix for scissor sisters a while back. the day i got offered it i saw them on top of the pops doing comfortably numb and thought "cripes". a few days later i sent the track off to the kindly folk at polydor, and in return they sent me some £ for some new speakers, which i used to create this little beaut (which is well better than the version that made it onto the record):

scissor sisters - take your mama (national forest alternative mix)

whilst we're at it, here's a remix i done for matchsticks, from glasgow, scotland:

matchsticks - duvet (national forest remix)

the original is a total beauty, track down everything you can by flying matchstick men/the matchsticks/matchsticks and cry yourself to sleep that they're no longer with us.