Monday, 27 August 2007


this weekend i stayed in and watched reading festival and most of it made me feel sick. to settle my stomach i did this re-edit of 50 cent which took about 2 hours, after which i felt better in the stomach but worse in the ears (have you heard some of the filthy lyrics, esp. from justin?)

50 cent - ayo technology (pixels edit)

oh, speaking of vomit, here's a spackup edit i did, which always goes down VERY well at clubs (esp. in the printworks, they really love it there):


whilst trawling through the archives i came up with these beauties too:

outkast - ms jackson (pixels remix)

smashback - jack 2 jack (jack 'jackmaster' jackson jackmix)

right-ho, i'm off to look for jobs - anyone want to employ a kindly, talented, hard-working, reliable, light-hearted and hunky sort (me), in london, for more than £12k? HOLLER ME!

x dan x

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

busy busy

it's been a super month, here's what juggled:

. benicassim (esp. devo, human league)
. holding babies
. hanging around barcelona
. playing lots o' s.y.s. shows (i played drums for one of em, eek)
. bedtime getting later and later (5am on a school nite for no reason, WOW)
. accidentally playing garage in the northern quarter
. getting a new mobile phone - IT'S GOT A COLOUR SCREEN AND PLAYS MP3S! (the tarrif is just right too)
. making loads of rad rad rad dancetrax, probably in response to the above points.

here's three for you:

beyonce - green light (pixels remix)

WOW! started on sunday morning after watching tmf, finished monday evening after watching the hits.

joy zipper - jr so good (pixels remix)

OH MY! started on wednesday after noticing the original's guitars are rather sidechained to the drums, finished on monday after eating my tea.

the horrors - gloves (pixels remix)

YEP. from last month, is it done? probably not. i hope they like it.

good night!